Aqualive - Water Quality Sensor

Aqualive - Water Quality Sensor

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How easy is it for you to check and understand the water quality at your place? Have you ever wondered how good the conditions are? Have you found it being difficult to get all water quality parameters all at once?

Our aqua live comes with all the water monitoring features, with top of the class sensors for measuring parameters such as water temperature, pH, TDS, Dissolved Oxygen and Ammonia. With once device you get all information required to check the quality of the water at your premise. With the smart connectivity you can also remotely monitor all the information at the comfort of your home on a PC, Laptop or Mobile phone. Get instant notification on email or phone if there are changes to the water quality limits.

What are the benefits?

• Complete monitoring

• Real-time data

• Alerts to your mail and phone based on set limits

• Single platform to access the data

• Software compatible with Laptop or mobile

Use Cases :

  • Aquaculture / Aquaponics
  • Bio Floc Farming
  • Shrimp farming
  • Water treatment plants

Lead time : 3 Weeks

DO/Ammonia are optional and to be purchase separately. Contact us for support.