Water Meter Converter

Mbus converter to convert existing Mbus water meters


We have offered a solution to a flow meter company in turkey to convert existing Mbus water meters to wireless connections. This solution includes hardware, software, a data management system, and support services.

Client details

Our customer is a flow meter manufacturer in Turkey who want to convert traditional flow meters into smart and connected ones.


Our scope is to develop a DCU that collect all the MBUS Water meter and Push the information to the customer Cloud. The DCU has mainly 2 sections First, convert the MBUS water meter signals to TTL and feed them to the controller. DCU controller process the data from each meter based on the meter ID and purch the information to the Customer cloud through WIFI/LTE-4G.DCU also has a battery backup of up to 8Hrs with providing supply to the MBUS. DCU has 32MB of onboard memory to keep the Offline data up to 40K logs list 4 Days. DCU supports MQTT /HTPP protocol to purch the data to the cloud. We provide an IP65 Plastic customized enclosure to withstand the DCU in hashes environmental conditions.


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