Waste bin monitoring - Smart City

We're excited to share a use case on IOT which helps the waste management across the cities.

Waste bin management systems(WBMS) provide the ability to know the fill level of each waste container in real time.

By tracking the amount of trash in each bin, Waste management team can plan the collection routes more efficiently, targeting only those bins that are full or which are getting full. This means team will spend less time running around collecting waste and making the system more effective ! Waste bin management systems also help to save money by reducing the number of miles traveled on each route. With accurate fill-level data, City planner can rest assured knowing that team is equipped with all they need to manage their routes and keep customers satisfied.

 RIOD Design & Manufacture Monitoring Nodes that can be mounted on smart bins. It works with Cellular LTE Connectivity with communication over MQTT.  Device uses ultrasonic sensor to measure the level of fill & update in regular interval with the server.


Device Specifications

1. Device have internal battery with lifetime 2 years and optional solar panel to increase the lifetime

2. Sensor Details:

a. Ultrasonic sensor : Device have in built IP65 ultrasonic sensor with range of 1.5 meters

b. Device has one reset Switch.

3. Communication:

a. Device have 4G LTE module with 2G fallback connectivity

b. Device support both Plastic Micro SIM or eSIM

c. Device will send data to the cloud 4 times per day.

d. Device have internal PCB antenna for Cellular

e. GPS based location optional

f. MQTT Connectivity

g. Over the air device configurations

4. Data Packets:

a. Level Data | Timestamp | Unique ID IMEI | Battery Capacity | GPS location (Optional)

b. Device configuration ( Data interval | Calibration )

c. Once the device detects the bin is filled 90%, Data packet can be send to cloud irrespective of data packet interval.

5. Enclosure Details:

a. Dimension (L x B x H in mm): 100 x 55 x 40

b. ABS Plastic IP 65 enclosure.

c. Wall / Clamp mounting