Telematics AIS140

AIS 140 Approved GPS tracker design manufacturing and certification



Our customer is a GPS tracking devices dealer, who requires to manufacture GPS tracking devices in his brand in India along with the ARAI approved AIS140 certification.

Client details

Our client is a GPS dealer in south India, who previously imported GPS tracking devices from china.



Our team did the complete design, development, pilot manufacturing, certification, and support of AIS140 GPS tracking devices with complete technology handover to the client. We worked closely with the client to create an AIS140 tracking device that was both economically and ergonomically designed. Our 3D design was used to make a mold, which was then used to manufacture the enclosure of the device. Hardware features a gyroscope and GPS, Cellular chipsets, and RS485 to talk to external devices. Can run on 9V - 36V of power. Software requirements include a system with a mobile application that will allow vehicle owners and authorities to locate vehicles and track them in real time. This is also coupled with a payment solution that allows users to pay for SIM recharges, software licenses, etc. The devices are able to communicate via TCP/IP to two servers - one for the government, and another for private entities who want to use this network. The device also has dual eSIM capability, meaning it can support multiple networks at once! We have also completed the ARAI certification for the device for the client.





We have been involved in all the stages of development, from concept to production

The customer had a market ready product that needed to go out

Our team worked with the customer to understand their needs

We made sure the product went out on time and on budget



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