Spectrometer product enhancement for spectrometer machine manufacturer


The customer is a machine manufacturer from Mumbai, who imports and manufactures spectrometer machines that analyze metals' quality. The customer came to RIOD for enhancing the machine with more analytical options with high power variable current and voltage waveforms. The project deals with High Power and the involvement of expert teams from RIOD to develop the control card.

Client details

Our customer is specialized in sales and installation of spectrometer, spectrophotometers and other scientific instruments.


Our scope is to develop a new segment of Spectro analyzer machines with digitally controlled electrical waveform via software, it includes the development of a control system that generates 10kV electrical to start the ionization of argon gas. The 300V dc with 100A is superimposed to generate a continuous high intensity arc. The optical fiber sensor interface is used in analyzing the metal composition and is also able to adjust the intensity of arc width and shape based on the type of material to analyze. a software is developed which will analyze the data based on metal composition to give results instantly.


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