SOS device for home


We helped a smart home automation company to provide an SOS device for the home segment. Where you can simply press a button in case of an emergency and the call center will reach you through your main device (mobile or landline). The feature is beneficial for senior citizens, who cannot reach out to anyone during an emergency

Client details

Our Customer is a startup working in the smart home segment. We've brainstormed them with the SOS and SOD concept and decided to launch two different SKUs.


Our scope includes developing research, and development of SOS devices for the home. The device features LTE communication with MQTT connectivity. The functionality of the SOS is such that, in the event of an emergency, press the device to communicate this information to an AWS server. From there, a telecall and SMS with geolocation are initiated to the configured mobile number. This product includes GPS location tracking ability which can be used for both monitoring and for search and rescue operations.


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