Solution for Automotive financing

Remote cut off and telematics solution for Automotive Finance company


We have provided an end-to-end solution to auto finance for cut-off and telematic location tracking for debtors who defaults on the payment. This will not only reduce the rate of defaults but also helps in the identification of vehicle location in case of theft or breach of contract by the customer.

Client details

Our Customer, a leader in the financing of electric vehicles, is seeking a technology partner to enhance their debt repayment process.


Our scope is to develop a device to track the location of the vehicle and control the ignition. The module also has a serial interface to communicate with the vehicle's BMS. The device works from 8-36VDC so it is suitable for all types of vehicles, both 12V and 24V supply rails. The device also has a built-in 4G modem, GPS module, and lithium battery for power for 24 hours in case of power failure. As part of our solution, we also developed a cloud platform that allows remote management of devices, adding/removing customers from our system as well as locating their vehicles (allowing them to enable/disable engine starting in the case of idle condition).


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