Solution for an automotive manufacturer

IoT Ecosystem with BMS monitoring, Telematics, Tilt, Speed, with EV charging solution for one of the 2W manufacturers in India


We have helped electric two-wheeler manufacturers in India to create an impressive fleet monitoring and management app that offers a complete IoT solution for their vehicles. it includes BMS monitoring, telematics, and tilt, speed sensing, Firmware updates, and EV charging solution all in a single software.

Client details

Our Customer is an electric two-wheeler company manufacturing and assembling Li-ion 2 Wheelers in the country. They are committed to innovation and product excellence, taking a pioneering role in introducing a range of innovative bicycles, and scooters that meet the highest quality standards.


Our scope is to develop hardware that can monitor the data from the BMS (Battery Management System) that our customers use. The BMS has RS485 capability with Modbus protocol and RIOD developed a Smart card that connects to the RS485 interface and gets the BMS details. It supports telematics vehicle tracking, an accelerometer, gyroscope to understand the tilt and fall of the device. We have also supported them with POWERPOD EV charging solutions to charge their vehicles in unmanned sites.


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