smart meter

Class 1 Accuracy Single phase and Three phase meter for utility company


Our customer is a utility company supplying electricity in Europe. The customer has a need for a new type of smart energy meter. Smart Energy meter monitors all energy related readings and sends them across to the client control center daily. The meter had three versions - WiFi Connected, Cellular NBIoT Connected, Lora based. The goal is to supply electricity with the most accurate and reliable data possible, which can later be used for billing purposes and other purposes.

Client details

Our customer is an electrical, gas, and water utility company headquartered in Europe. The company provides customers with electricity, gas, and water. They wanted to build Smart meters to supply their customers with detailed information about their consumption and pattern.


Our scope is to develop and technology hand over the smart meter with NBIOT, and WIFI communications. The device measures up to 60A with inbuilt CT. The device provides details such as voltage, current, power factor, frequency, Active power, apparent power, reactive power, and all the way to Azure via MQTT protocol for WIFI and LTE. We did the pilot production and mold in India and handed over the complete technology to the client. The Software part is developed by the customer and we supported them in integrating the meters.

Business Benefits

We have been involved in all the stages of development, from concept to production

The customer had a market ready product that needed to go out

Our team worked with the customer to understand their needs

We made sure the product went out on time and on budget


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