Smart Isolator

Remote operated Smart Isolator with remote diagnostics


A customer in Mexico is looking for smart and connected electrical isolators that can be operated remotely. Their current equipment needs to be upgraded from non-connected to connected. They need electrical isolators that can provide diagnostics including but not limited to rpm, torque, current, etc. It should be able to operate remotely as well.

Client details

The customer is an electrical isolator manufacturer in Mexico, who wanted to digitize their isolators to enable feature rich communications and controls.


Our scope is to digitize the smart digital disconnect switches. These devices are made IOT enabled which can monitor and control them remotely. The unit has been designed as an intelligent, IoT enabled solution that enables remote control of isolator, data collection, and event logging. Smart Disconnect Switch offers optical positioning, monitoring torque, angle, voltage, current, and temperature as well as switch status using wireless and wired interfaces. It Supports the optional DNP3.0/IEC 61850 Protocol. Our custom control unit can be assembled inside the isolator boxes, and it features an RTU unit with configurable 30 outputs. It also features optional fiber interface.

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