Retail store network Energy, DG, Water ,Signage Monitoring [Use Case]

Accurately monitor your business's electricity, DG fuel consumption, water consumption and signages boards with a single touch. Ideal for retail store network, Hospital chains, Hotels, Business branch, Convention centers. Solution is is designed to help retail businesses analyze their energy usage across all chains, and identify the best ways to save money. 

Use Case 

One of a customer with retails stores across India requires property resource monitoring solution to accurately monitor and analyze the hidden expenses in his stores.

Requirement : 

  1. Overview of 3Phase Electricity, Diesel Generator Fuel, Water Consumption, Chiller Temperature of all stores combined.
  2. Understand the Electricity consumption across all stores
  3. Understand DG Usage & Fuel consumption across all stores
  4. Understand the Water consumption across all Stores
  5. Understand the Signage Board Energy Consumption, Identify if its working & Control it remotely across all stores.
  6. Understand the Chiller / Freezer temperature across all stores.
  7. Get the historian data for At least 12 Months.

Challenges :

  1. All stores are of different size, Some of them is single phase & others are Three phase.
  2. Small stores have inverter instead of Diesel Generator sets.
  3. Water Pipe size varies across the stores.

Solution :

RIOD's Elive Software Combined with Sense-I hardware is a perfect solution for resource property monitoring across retail network chains. The hardware act as wireless micro nodes which can be easily plugged into multiple points in a store to get accurate data across the stores. RIOD Software team customized E-live Software to integrate the Chiller temperature & Signage Control in the Software. Water Flow is measured with Modbus Flow meter with our wireless gateway - we were able to read the flow & Volumizer data.