Reefer truck Cold chain

Reefer truck temperature and Location monitoring with Geofencing for the biggest chocolate manufacturer


We have provided a full truck temperature and location monitoring solution for the chocolate manufacturer in India. This solution helps to track their trucks in real-time, precisely locate them and record their travel history. This solution provides Realtime alerts on any temperature anomalies in trucks. Furthermore, this helps you to prevent food poisoning in case of refrigeration breakdowns.

Client details

Our client is known for its services in reefer truck transport in the southern part of India. It handles logistics for many premium food brands


Our Scope includes the design and development of a rugged, durable device for tracking location and measuring temperature, and logging data from -50 deg c to 200 deg c. Based on two PT100 three wire sensors connected at two points of the refer truck, it features a 30 Meter cable which makes it easy to measure temperature at extreme ends. The device comes with 2G connectivity and GPS to map the coordinates along with the temperature. It offers an in-built memory that can log up to 40000 logs and helps the user retrieve the history of temperature fluctuations across different time periods. The Enclosure is molded as per the requirement and is IP65 compliant. It protects the hardware from water and dust, offering an added level of protection in extreme conditions or harsh environments.

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