Humidity Controls for hospital

Humidity monitoring and AHU controls


Humidity controlling using AHU controls is achieved by customizing the existing RD150 product, Customer had multiple levels of switching and requires an industrial grade humidity sensor. RIOD manufactured the sensors along with our RD150 controller, which solved the customer requirement.

Client details

Our customer is an AHU machine manufacturer in India that produces air conditioning and refrigeration systems, air handling units, and indoor climate solutions. They have been in business for over 9 years with a strong reputation in the market.


We developed a control unit for an air handling unit that is connected to the internet via a WIFI connection. The control unit has been designed to control the required parameters such as temperature, humidity, and flow rate. AHU is normally used to regulate and circulate indoor air. The main elements in an AHU are the fan and the heating, cooling, and coil. The application of these devices is in commercial buildings such as offices, museums, theatres, and hospitals.


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