Hatchery Monitoring

Hatchery Machinery monitoring for Biggest hatchery unit in India


The biggest hatchery company in India requires monitoring of their hatchery machines. The customer wanted to monitor the temperature, humidity, motor RPM, and Operator person status and updated the reading in the real-time control center.

Client details

Our customer is a hatchery unit with a breeding capacity of 2.5 million annually.


Our scope is to digitize existing hatchery equipment in multiple sites of the customer and get the data to a centralized office of the customer.RIOD implemented the RIOD RD250WIFI model to digitize all machinery and RIOD live cloud platform to stream all machines and all site data in a single portal. The RIOD platform provides data for each site for the 14 machines at their site, which are then all combined on one screen. With this, each machine can be analyzed by all users no matter which site they are from. This makes it easy to have transparency into what is happening at any time anywhere in their hatchery.


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