Genset Monitoring

Generator Fuel monitoring for Rental Business


We have offered a solution to Genset rental company for real-time fuel tracking and reporting on a cloud-based application. This will help the client to identify the fuel theft, control it and also keep a close eye on generator fuel consumption. The system will also provide alerts on low fuel levels, in time before it happens any damage due to no fuel

Client details

Our Customer is a generator rental company who have installed multiple generator stations for factories, apartments, and offices. Their client is primarily large businesses and homeowners with multiple generators for backup power when the grid goes down.


Our scope is to provide a solution that can be retrofitted in diesel generators to measure the fuel level, energy output, and Geolocation of our customer's gensets. We have chosen RIOD Sense I gateway combined with RIOD Live IOT software to deliver the solution. The software is customized to get information from all of our customer's generators, track them on the map, and know if there are any fuel thefts in comparison with the energy output generated.


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