Flow meter

Converting the existing flow meter to Wireless connected Smart flow meter


We have helped the existing water flow meter manufacturing company in converting the existing flow meter to a Wireless connected Smart flow meter, by replacing the magnetic head with our sense i controller. This smart connected flow meter modernizes the Water Meter industry by integrating wireless connectivity and automation of water billing in cities of India.

Client details

Our customer is a traditional flow meter manufacturer in India manufacturing and supplying magnetic water flow meters.


Our scope is to develop a control card for an electromagnetic flow meter to measure liquid flow and purch the flow details to the cloud server through wired and wireless connectivity. This controller card has the Electromagnetic coil driver section to generate the constant dual electromagnetic field and high gain Electromagnetic receiver which includes high-resolution ADC to convert the liquid flow to corresponding Digital values. Controller cards have a high-speed Cortex M4 controller to calculate the flow rate, Total flow, Calibration of Flow meter, Display, and Interface to the other devices. Controller card supports the wired communication RS232, RS485ModBus, 0-10V,4-20mA, and Wireless LTE/4G, SubGh)



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