EV for Parking management solution

EV charging solution integrated into the parking management company


We’ve partnered with a parking management company to integrate an EV charging solution into their software The solution will help the parking management company to solve the issue of EV charging and parking in one place. EV drivers can locate, Operate and pay for their parking and EV charging through a single application.

Client details

Our customer is a parking management company who manages several parking sites and requires EV charging solutions to be integrated into their system.


Our scope is to integrate EV charging solutions into the customer's existing parking management software. This means they can charge electric vehicles without any additional hardware. With access to live data on parking spots, they can decide whether they need to create new ones or repurpose existing ones into EV charging hubs. We have used PowerPod EV Chargers that feature the QR code-based unmanned operation. We supported the integration of the powerpod with the customer software, to deliver the solution


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