Data Center Energy monitoring and cutoff

Data center server Energy monitoring with remote restart for one of the data center management company


This solution provides a data center management company with the ability to monitor, manage and control power outlets of the servers within their data center. The feature known as Intelligent Power Management (IPM) helps with maximizing energy efficiency and reducing costs by remotely restarting servers that are not responding. This feature is crucial for the data center environment where there is a great emphasis on reducing cost without reducing productivity.

Client details

Our customer is a data center management company who manages multiple data centers across the country.


Our scope is to provide metering and restart solutions for the control center management company in India. Each system is connected via a separate power outlet. The customer requires all these systems in multiple sites to be visualized in a single portal. We had chosen RIOD Elive Micro, Elive Micro is integrated with RIOD Live for the remote visualization and control



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