Breath Analyzer

Breath analyzer design and development consulting


We have helped our client to develop a breath analyzer. We have supported the design, development, and prototyping of the portable breath analyzer. The Breath analyzer uses smart technology to quickly and accurately determine alcohol levels in the breath, letting you know if you're OK to drive or not.

Client details

Our customer is a manufacturer of breath analyzers that needed a portable solution


Our scope is to develop a Breath Analyzer for the detection of Alcohol in exhaling gas based on High accuracy "Fuel Cell" alcohol sensor. The device is portable and small/compact with a minimalistic design. The enclosure is made of custom ABS plastic. The device has a built-in rechargeable battery backup of up to 8hrs. This device has a Display and LED indication to visualize the real-time Alcohol content in the Exhale gas and an LED to Indicate the Battery Backup data. This device has BLE connectivity to interface the BLE printers to print the Test result directly into a Bluetooth printer. The device's USB type C port supports both to Charge the device battery and Connect the device to a PC for downloading the data from the patient monitor.

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