Bi Chemistry Analyzer

Bi Chemistry Product enhancement for Medical Manufacturers


The client is a medical equipment manufacturer of bi chemistry analyzer from Bangalore who manufacture medical equipment for a decade. They wanted to enhance their machines with more features like a 7-inch touch screen, datalogging of patient-doctors, and test analysis reports. The project was developed in IMX 6 microprocessor from NXP.

Client details

Our customer is a medical equipment manufacturer in India, specializing in manufacturing, sales, and installation of bi chemistry analyzer


The scope of this project is to develop an instrumentation and control system for the Bi Chemistry Analyzer. the project also includes the study of existing bi chemistry analyzers in the market, their features, and specifications. We had chosen IMX6 with a 7inch touch display for development running on Linux, a co-controller controls the pump and solenoid. We implemented the constant light source and high accuracy photodiode sensor to analyze the light reagent light absorption


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