Asset Monitoring Rental

Asset monitoring device for Genset rental provider


The customer is a rental operator from Malaysia, they wanted to manufacture asset tracking devices that can precisely locate their rental machine, operating hours, energy generated, and fuel levels. The location tracking was achieved with LTE communication. The product can be mounted in Genset, which communicates to our customer server with all the information.

Client details

Our customer is a rental operator in Malaysia, who rent out heavy equipment to construction industries. They have a large fleet of construction equipment and they wanted their fleet to be managed effectively.


Our scope included developing a device to tag rental Genset to track the location and activity of Genset. The device developed a compact molded enclosure with a wall mount IP65 design. The device has a built-in battery capacity of 6600mAh with a life cycle of 2 Years. The device samples data more frequently if there is any motion otherwise the location is sampled once a day. The device sends the battery life, latitude, and longitude, vibration intensity with unique identifier information to the cloud via 4G LTE for connectivity. It took us 6 months to make the idea into a marketable product. We went through minor design iterations and prototypes.


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